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Warm up someone’s day with a little sweetness. We humans are special in that we remember how another person made us feel. When you give the gift of chocolate you will leave a lasting impression.

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5 Ways to Make a Lasting Impression, Part 1

We live in a cluttered world. Everything moves fast. There’s too much junk, too much noise, too many distractions. Getting someone’s attention these days isn’t easy. Getting remembered is near impossible.
We all have people in our everyday lives that matter to us; folks to whom we’d like to show some love and gratitude. This may be family members, friends, or even clients and team members. Here is the first, of five, simple things you should to do to make a warm and enduring impression.

Simple, right?? Maybe not. Have you ever answered a text while meeting with a client or prospective client? Do you continue to watch cat videos while your teammate at work tries to get your help with a problem? We’ve all done it. We get caught up in a never ending supply of distractions.
Listening is the difference between trying to impress your client with tickets to a sporting event and remembering he’s brought up being a proud supporter of the arts. Listening is not bringing in a traditional birthday cake for your coworker who is vegan, but bringing in some fine chocolate instead.
I challenge you to think of 5 people that deserve your attention. Take just a few more minutes to slow down give those 5 your time. I will do the same and report back next post. Let’s see what kind of dramatic impact we can make.

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